A Few Notes from our Customers

At Alentus, we consistently strive to provide extremely fast and efficient levels of technical support and customer service. We are recognized throughout the world as a top provider of web hosting services, and our Company continues to win awards that congratulate our efforts. We believe we provide among the best support in our industry, and we regularly receive notes and messages from customers thanking us for our services.



Just wanted to drop you guys an email to let you know our hosting services over the last month have been perfect – no problems at all. Thanks for your attention, professionalism and willingness to help make this work to everyone’s benefit. I look forward to doing more business together in the future.

Kelly (Edmonton, AB) 

Thank you so much for your help on this!! You guys are really solid with your support! As you can see, we are migrating off a competitor of yours because of this.

Stuart (Sherrills Ford, NC) 

I just wanted to say that I think Alentus is a GREAT company. I’ve been a customer for awhile, an considering the havoc a bad web host could cause. I am DEEPLY appreciative of how good your service is for a small account like mine. Hope you don’t think it is silly. But I am the first to complain when things get bumpy, and I just appreciate the heck out of your service and wanted to say so!

Robert (Englewood, CO) 

As a web developer, I am very aware that bringing new functionality on-line or the transferring of a website is not without its hiccups on both the programming and web site configuration sides. I have had a few occasions to call upon Andrew’s services. Not only has he helped me to overcome these hiccups, he has done so in a friendly, professional and timely manor (especially considering how all of my support requests occur after regular business hours). I have not received such a level of service from any other web hosting support technician, nor their company as a whole. I will definitely be recommending Alentus to all my clients in need of hosting.

Taryn (Edmonton, AB) 

I wanted to let you know about the positive experience I had with Shane in the support department yesterday. I am a novice programmer and designer, often tasked by my company to handle the management of a number of webpages and applications that are hosted at Alentus. I had some trouble getting my SSL renewed and Shane did an outstanding job of explaining the processes and, in my opinion going above and beyond his duties to make sure I didn’t feel like I was in over my head with this. He made the necessary phone calls to smooth out the communications and kept me informed all the way through the process.

Andy (Albuquerque, NM) 

Thanks Peter! I have never experienced such quick response from a web hosting service, although you guys are a lot more then just that! Keep up the excellent work, the added fees are worth it as professional and dedication is an added bonus!

Randy (Maple Ridge, BC) 

We have been using Alentus for 3 years now. What awesome service! These guys really know what they are doing. As a web development company we work with dozens of hosting companies. Nobody comes close to the service, support, and know how of Alentus. They have been extremely attentive to our needs and requests.

Jenna Schmidt, President, Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc.

I also wish to say thank you to the Alentus team. The service provided has been faultless. Some of the people we work with think it is strange that we host our site with a provider half a world away, but we have much less problems than they do.

Jeff (Maleny, Australia) 

That is why I keep referring people to you guys. You rock! Thanks so much.

T.M., US Department of Transportation 

Your support has been fantastic – thus the switch of my personal domain to you too. While there is the occasional glitch, I am impressed with your support folks and their work ethics.

Yannis (Hinsdale, IL) 

On behalf of CIMRO of Nebraska I want to say thank you! Thanks for all of your help setting up our Share Point Websites. Our particular configuration was anything but easy. However your staff went the extra mile for us. It is great to know that we have experienced technicians at Alentus that are capable and willing to accommodate our needs. Your staff accomplished, in less than one week, something that a competitor was not able accomplish in a month. I would like to especially thank your support guy, Bill. I don’t know his last name, but without his help we would have been in dire straits. Bill, you truly made our week!

Jeremy (Lincoln, NE) 

Look, I went through a crisis this afternoon when my database was not working, and I so desperately needed it to. I gotta tell you guys, support’s prompt response to my crisis still floors me and is so greatly appreciated. I can’t thank you enough. I hesitated changing web hosts, but it was a great decision.

Renee (Chicago, IL) 

Just wanted to say I’m very impressed with your company’s service. I ordered a site yesterday, it was up in the middle of the night, I changed my DNS info today, it’s propogated now and the url is going to your server with no problems. Two Thumbs Up and without the stress!

James (San Jose, CA) 

Thanks. I am impressed with every aspect of my experience with Alentus so far. I have gotten worse service from $50,000/month managed hosting contracts.

Josh (Silver Spring, MA) 

So far, my experience with Alentus has been fantastic. This “web stuff” is very new to me — I’m a retired “dinosaur” (after 32 years doing operating system stuff on IBM mainframes). With this church I do various things — but the last thing I ever thought I would do was a web page! Alentus has been great! Signing up for service was an absolute breeze. The prices are extremely reasonable for the level of service we felt we needed. I’ve had occasion to contact tech support and they’ve been extremely responsive and helpful. I’ve only encountered one bug (a small e-mail matter that’s being looked at) — aside from that everything has worked 100%. I’ve already (in just this past week) recommended Alentus to two people and hope that you get the added business. So I just wanted to write you to say “thanks”!

Bob (Douglasville, Georgia) 

Excellent service and excellent turnaround time. I can’t ask for a better web hosting company than Alentus.

Marwan (Raleigh, NC) 

This is the best customer service I have ever encountered so far. No wonder you’ve been voted “Top 10” in Actionjackson.com. I am very happy with the decision to go with your company.

Rajan (Mountain View, CA) 

Works great. You guys are awesome! Best hosting I have ever had! Makes me want to be a reseller for you guys!

David (Aliso Viejo, CA) 

You guys are amazing! Thanks for the quick phone calls and the quick setup on the IIS and SQL parts.

Demian (Issaquah, WA) 

PS. By the way, I am very impressed with both Alentus web hosting and the support services. I have been busy telling everyone that asks me about hosting to come to you guys. Reasonable prices and outstanding service–can’t beat it. Thanks for everything.

Tim (Edmonton, AB) 

I must say I am amazed by the promptly response and service, I have 75+ accounts hosted on other hosting services “such as interland, innerhost and verio” but no other support department has “EVER” be so effective. I will sure keep this in mind when setting up new client accounts.

Ivo (Dominican Republic) 

Thanks alot, things are working again. The speed of your customer services awesome.

Russ (Bloomington, MN) 

I just wanted to tell you that I am very glad for having changed my hosting company from webhosting.com to Alentus. Your server is much more stable and the Frontpage ext. 2002 are working just great!

Philip (Skodsborg, Denmark) 

I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done to make my site function properly. I really do appreciate everything you have done. Again, thank you.

Daniel (Williamsburg, VA) 

You guys ROCK! I am so glad I made the switch to your service. I will be spreading the word.

Dion (Austin, TX) 

Many thanks, as usual…you guys truly are the best ISP i have ever encountered.

Keith (Chicago, IL) 

Thanks. You guys are really great and extremely helpful.

David (Arlington, VA) 

You have been a bright spot in my daily internet experiences. (Don’t get me started on McAfee) That kind of attitude/service should take you a long way in business. Thanks.

David (Gardiner, ME) 

GREAT SERVICE ONCE AGAIN! I’m going to have to start referring my clients here!

Abel (Austin, TX) 

You are MAH-VEL-OUS!

Mona (Houston, TX) 

All of you guys at Alentus provide such great service!

Antonio (Atlanta, GA) 

That was the best tech support I have seen. Good response. I’m sticking around.

Jonathan (Cincinnati, OH) 

Congrats with your companies ranking in the “best-host” table. I agree, the service is perefect!

Marcel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 

I appreciate your fast response. As a customer care manager for another internet service company (my current full-time job until it either folds or goes IPO), I know the value of fast, efficient, and friendly service. You excelled.

Rick (Salt Lake City, UT) 

I also would like to say even tho I only had you guys as a host for a short time, I found your service wonderful, and hopefully I will be moving most of my other site to you’s once there contract expire.. Great Job !

Anthony (Brisbane, AU) 

Thank you for your thoroughness, efficiency and professionalism. Once again, you have made me feel comfortable with my choice of a hosting provider.

Tracy (Dallas, TX) 

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance. You guys deserve an A+ for efficiency. We are more accustomed to hours on hold and days without answer in this business.

Pierre (Quebec City, CA) 

Again, thanks! This has been a great experience already! My last provider was an absolute nightmare in that department. I am glad that I switched providers.

Andreas (Edwardsville, IL) 

You guys are doing a great job of hosting my web site. I’m very happy.

Steve (Scottsdale, AZ) 

Wow, didn’t expect to hear from you until tomorrow! Brilliant stuff!

Kelwyn (Christchurch, New Zealand) 

Just checking everything out so we can begin customizing. Ya’ll did a great job.

Barry (Abiline, TX) 

I think you are right. The reason for the slow response has been because we actually were infected by this virus, which then in turn slowed down our network (dramatically). Thanks for the link.

Tom (Switzerland) 

Thank you so much for all of your help! The SMTP mail is working great and so is everything else.

Daniel (Williamsburg, VA) 

I would recommend Alentus without hesitation. Their response time is good and their client handling I have found is second to none. I have recommend them previously to both friends and clients and both find their service excellent. Specifically, their hosting service is almost totally automated, so response time is cut down. When I have needed specialised help, queries or even forgotten passwords (due my own system crash) they have responded sometimes in a matter of hours and almost always within 24 hours. Admittedly, their server did go down once due to up-stream congestion, but they had the server up within 24 hours, changed their provider and also got a back-up provider for any future eventuality. There’s a lot of cowboys offering hosting services, as I’m sure aware of……these guys are professionals and pride themselves on their service..And they know what they’re talking about.

Chris (Singapore) 

Again, I’m VERY pleased with the service you offered: every word I found on ActionJackson on Alentus seems to be true! Meanwhile, I’m trying to convice some of my colleagues to move over to Alentus!

Wim (Belgium) 

You were prompt as usual. Your customer care and relation systems are worth all praises.

Doctor Khushru (Gujarat, India) 

Great! Thank you so much for your hard work. Out of all the people I have had to deal with in this process you have been the best!

Rebecca (Paso Robles, CA) 

The talk of their superb service is not falsehood. Such was the veracity of it that I choose them as my partner and I do not regret it. Thier service is not only the finest i have ever encountered but also the most expediant. They are very knowledgable and they offer thier expertise and advice to near excess. This is the best ISP i have delt with and i recommed them as high as is possible. Only grip I had was sharing an ip address. But the fact is that they have very few people on each machine, thier speed is excellent and thier security solid. Truly a partner to keep.

Ray (New York, NY) 

Customer Service and options at Alentus are continually outstanding! It is rare to find a host which continually exceeds expectations, and in Alentus’s ability to exceed these expectations, imho: they leave other hosts in the dust!

Jill (Rice, MN) 

They respond quickly, know NT inside out, nothing’s too much trouble, and they’re flexible. I have 3 sites with them and can honestly advise you to go with them without reservation. Well they did have 1 days downtime once and the occasional glitch but they fixed it. I had big problems finding a decent host and take the view if they don’t deliver – move on. I haven’t moved on yet!

Benny (London, Middlesex) 


Carlos (San Salvador) 

Last week I was sitting down with a new client who asked me why we weren’t hosting on Indian servers even though they are often cheaper. I told them about the great customer service we get from Alentus… It didn’t need much more discussion – I will transfer their site and database to you this coming week.

Mark (Pune, India) 

I just received my first tour booking from the order form you created for my website. Everything worked wonderfully and I can’t thank you enough for this and all the other help you’ve given me over the last year.

Cameron (Edmonton, CA) 

Thank you very much for your help and fast response. Sincerely, this is the best service I have ever met before.

Victor (Singapore) 

I have to say, I worked with a lot of software companies and Alentus provides, by far the best support, quality and speed I have ever had. And I’ve been around the business over 20 years.

John (Raleigh, NC) 

At Alentus, our focus is to differentiate ourselves from the big guys by providing quality hosting and support services affordable to all clients and their business needs. Although our techs are Canadian, we do pride ourselves on being able to respond to client inquiries as soon as possible! This means there is no 20 minute hold time and our techs are highly skilled technicians. No more “turn it off turn it back on again” run-around support. Alentus technicians are experienced and can customize your support needs to fit you and your companies needs rather than trying to fit you into a certain client box of what we expect to see. This allows Alentus to give you the smoothest experience possible when dealing with technical issues.