Why Switch Your Hosting to Alentus?

10 Reasons to Switch to Alentus

At Alentus we give you more features, more support, more value and more reliability than any other Windows Hosting company.


Think Support

tech Alentus has actual support people taking your calls, not an automated answering service. The Technical and Customer Service staff are knowledgeable on all of our products and services because we train them here. No outsourcing – 100% Canadian based technical support.

Think Reliability

perform For the last three years, Alentus has maintained a 99.999% network uptime track record. Alentus’ Wolfpaw Data Centres has operating facilities for over 2 decades and serves large clients with absolutely no tolerance for downtime.

Think Certified

gold Alentus is a Microsoft Partner. This means you will get Genuine Microsoft licensed products and the highest level of qualified technical support expected of a long time Microsoft Partner. At Alentus, our services are trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

Think Experience

expirence Alentus has been dedicated to web hosting for over 20 years. The quality staff at Alentus are continuing our focus on providing premium Hosted Internet Services, and offering the highest level of reliability, performance and security that comes with a decade of experience. Alentus employees are passionate about the Internet and it shows!

Think Customized

custom Alentus believes that in life and business, you need to stay flexible to keep up with the changing times. If the combination of Internet products and services you started with no longer fulfills your needs, call us and the experienced staff at Alentus will work out a new and improved combination with you.

Think Security

security At Alentus, we manage and operate our own data center. No outsourcing and no co-location. By fully managing our own data center, we control who has access to what and employ the highest levels of physical and logical security. You can rest assured knowing that your data stored with Alentus is secure and fully protected.

Think Peace of Mind

peace Alentus backups your data with daily website and email backups. In the event of an emergency (or even a whoopsie), the Alentus staff should be able to restore your file or files in under an hour.

Think Spam Control

email At Alentus, we are certain you hate spam as much as we do. You don’t like getting it, we don’t like dealing with it. To combat the spam problem, Alentus maintains a small army of highly reputable spam firewalls dedicated to filtering your inbox against spam and email viruses.

Think Competitive Prices

prices The Alentus team is always looking to offer additional exceptional products and services to make your website better. Why? It’s your website, and you should have access to the products and services you need, not just simple cookie-cutter products at rock-bottom prices.

Think Excellence

excel Alentus believes that for a small business owner it simply makes sense to outsource the worries of web hosting to an organization that does it well. Alentus is the web host that will give you the optimal balance between what you need and what you’re willing to spend. Look no further.

Alentus web hosting is where you can find the web solution that will gain you the most value for your money. Call, email or chat with a Customer Service representative, and let us show you how.

How to make the switch easy…

At Alentus, our focus is to differentiate ourselves from the big guys by providing quality hosting and support services affordable to all clients and their business needs. Although our techs are Canadian, we do pride ourselves on being able to respond to client inquiries as soon as possible! This means there is no 20 minute hold time and our techs are highly skilled technicians. No more “turn it off turn it back on again” run-around support. Alentus technicians are experienced and can customize your support needs to fit you and your companies needs rather than trying to fit you into a certain client box of what we expect to see. This allows Alentus to give you the smoothest experience possible when dealing with technical issues.