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Urchin Web Stats and Web Traffic Statistics

Urchin 6 is the industry leading web analytics software and is used by millions of web sites worldwide. It analyzes traffic for your website and provides accurate and easy-to-understand web stats, web traffic statistics and reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. Urchin is essential for executives, marketers, webmasters, and web designers.

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Why should I get Urchin when Google Analytics is free?

There are some distinct features of Urchin that Google Analytics simply isn't capable of. For example:

  • Local Data Storage: Google Analytics keeps your data on their servers - and may keep your data long after you cancel your Analytics account. With Alentus-hosted Urchin, when you cancel your site and statistics, your statistics are removed from our servers

  • Analysis of Intranet/Extranet Sites: Urchin has the ability to maintain statistics for intranet/extranet sites that are protected by passwords. Google Analytics is designed to work with public facing websites only.

  • Reports on Robot/Spider Activity: Urchin is able to filter out the traffic from webbots and search engine robots crawling your site, leaving you with real traffic statistics insight.

  • Analysing user sessions & navigation paths: Follow complete navigation paths of your visitors: where they enter, what pages they visit, and what page they exit on.

  • Reports on server errors & status codes: Discover what server errors are being displayed to your visitors and determine where to fix issues on your site.

  • Renewed processing of old log files: Urchin can dive back into existing log files and evaluate statistics based on new filter settings or calculations

There is also a school of thought to run both Urchin and Google Analytics on your sites. Having multiple analytic software analysing site traffic can provide additional insight that one software program is unable to provide.

What type of web stats do I get with Urchin?

Urchin allows you to set the date range to display a number of useful website statistics and web traffic reports, including the following:

Dashboards Advertisement Optimization Marketing Optimization
  • Marketing Summary
  • Campaign Conversion
  • Keyword Considerations
  • CPC Program Analysis
  • CPC vs Organic Conversion
  • Overall Keyword Conversion
  • [+] Marketing Campaign Results
  • [+] Search Engine Marketing
  • [+] CPC Structure
  • [+] Unique Visitor Tracking
  • [+] Visitor Segmentation Performance
  • [+] Marketing Campaign Results
  • [+] Search Engine Marketing
Content Optimization E-Commerce Analysis IT Reports
  • [+] Ad Version Testing
  • [+] Content Performance
  • [+] Navigational Analysis
  • [+] Goals & Funnel Process
  • [+] Web Design Parameters
  • [+] Commerce Tracking
  • [+] Loyalty & Latency
  • [+] Revenue Sources
  • [+] Product Merchandising
  • Hits & Bytes Tracking
  • Load Balancing
  • [+] Pages & Files
  • [+] Domains & Users
  • [+] Browsers & Robots

How Can I Add Urchin to My Account?

To request the addition of Urchin to your account, please contact our Sales Department directly or login to the Alentus SupportCenter and Submit a Ticket to Sales & Ordering. You can choose to add Urchin from the Website Software, Application or Service menu.



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