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SharePoint How-to Articles

Discover the ways to extend SharePoint and build a powerful and feature-rich websites, portals and intranet applications.


Extending SharePoint

  • SharePoint Integration with Microsoft Office
    This document will help you to learn how Windows SharePoint Services and Office 2003 Editions work together, and the different levels of integration between Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office XP, and Office 2003 Editions.
  • Add a Recycle Bin to Windows SharePoint Services for Easy Document Recovery
    This article shows the coder how to take advantage of the extensibility of WSS and both its server-side and client-side object models to build a restore feature that works like the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer. It also examines WSS document library server-side events and shares the process of developing a .NET event handler class for asynchronous server-side processing of those events.
  • Adding Rules to the Accessibility Checker
    As Internet use continues to increase, it is becoming more important that businesses provide Web sites that are fully accessible to people with disabilities. The Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 helps developers design Web sites that address accessibility issues. However, the Accessibility Checker does not address all accessibility issues. This article explains how you can extend the functionality that is built into the Accessibility Checker.
  • Converting an Excel Spreadsheet into a List
    Take a spreadsheet created with Microsoft Office Excel and convert it to a Windows SharePoint Services list. Once converted to a list, users can update information themselves with their Web browsers.
  • Create Custom Hyperlinks by Using Cascading Style Sheets in FrontPage 2003
    This article describes how to create custom hyperlinks by using cascading style sheets (CSS) in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. It contains examples that demonstrate how to use cascading style sheet features to create custom hyperlinks.
  • Discussion boards provide forums for site participants to converse about topics. Most Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™ Services site templates include the ability to create discussion boards, and many sites and workspace sites have a built-in discussion board called General Discussion. This article describes how to create threaded views and how to customize threaded views by using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 and, in some cases, by editing discussion board XML files.
  • Customize List Item Forms in Windows SharePoint Services
    Enhance and extend interaction with lists in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services when customizing forms used to work with list items.
  • Data Views: Displaying Product Information on Your Web Site allows developers to tap into a continually updated XML data feed that contains the entire list of products offered on, along with images, pricing, and product information. This information can be displayed in Data Views on sites created with Windows SharePoint Services.
  • How to Change the Color of the Horizontal Top Border
    This article describes how to change the background color of the top horizontal border of a whole Web site that is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Insert a Video in FrontPage 2003
    This article describes how to add a video to a Web page in FrontPage 2003. This article discusses how to insert supported video files (file formats that are listed in the Files of type list in the Video dialog box), and how to insert unsupported video files (file formats that are not listed in the Files of type list in the Video dialog box).
  • Using FrontPage 2003 and Visual Studio .NET Together
    Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 provides more and better features than ever for working with code. Even so, FrontPage makes no claims of being a complete and integrated software development environment. That distinction goes to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft's top-tier platform for developing software of all kinds. Specifically, Visual Studio .NET is the preferred development environment for Microsoft ASP.NET Web pages. Because each product has different strengths, Web designers typically prefer FrontPage, and Web programmers usually prefer Visual Studio, even if people with both specialties are working on the same project. This article explains how these two pieces of software (and their corresponding approaches to creating Web pages) can coexist peacefully.
  • Using Lists to Create Collapsible Navigation Bars
    Create collapsible navigation bars that expand when you click on them to make navigating to key pages in your site easier. These collapsible navigation bars are created using grouped Windows SharePoint Services lists.



Designing with SharePoint

  • Applying a Theme to a Site Created with Windows SharePoint Services
    Learn how to apply a Theme to a site so you can change the colors and formatting across all pages in just a few minutes.
  • Advanced Customization of Themes for Windows SharePoint Services
    Using the Colors, Graphics, and Text buttons on the Customize Theme dialog box gives you many options for customizing your Theme. However, the true power to customize any element in a Theme is found when you learn to identify the styles that affect the elements you want to change in a site, and then learn how to change them with FrontPage 2003.
  • Changing the Way Lists and Libraries are Displayed
    Insert a view of a Windows SharePoint Services list or library into a page, and then customize that view to present the data in a variety of styles and formats. New with FrontPage 2003, you can even create XSLT Data Views so that you can change the display and format however you like.
  • Convert a Web Site from Shared Borders to Dynamic Web Templates
    If your existing Web site uses Shared Borders, you are missing out on the power of Dynamic Web Templates (DWTs). This article shows you how to convert your Shared Borders site into a DWT, preserving the look and feel of your old Shared Borders layout, but with all of the advantages of a DWT.
  • Creating Custom Behaviors in FrontPage 2003
    Learn how Behaviors feature in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 allows you to add DHTML scripts quickly and easily to Web pages. FrontPage provides an extensible framework that you can use to create your own custom behaviors. This article explains how you can extend behaviors in FrontPage.
  • Customizing Themes for Windows SharePoint Services
    Create your own custom Theme for Windows SharePoint Services to apply consistent fonts and formatting across Web pages or Web sites. Themes specify formatting for text, buttons, backgrounds, toolbars, and more.
  • Changing Gradient Images in Sites Created with Windows SharePoint Services
    Once you have learned how to create or customize a Theme, you can learn how to change the gradient images found in menu bars and toolbars in default sites created with Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Extending Find and Replace for Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
    Learn the basics of creating queries that find and replace text in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 documents, the XML Query schema that FrontPage uses to save and reuse queries, and the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) objects that you can use to create your own powerful solutions to extend FrontPage.
  • Using Interactive Buttons
    Learn how to create buttons from within FrontPage, without using a graphics editing program. You can even create buttons that change when you hover over them or press them, all without requiring programming or scripting experience.



Coding for SharePoint



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