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Custom DLL Support

How to deploy custom DLLs or COM components on your web server.

Alentus provides experienced software developers with a complete hosting environment to deploy custom DLLs/COM components for use with a web application and/or back-end database. The following guidelines govern the deployment and operation of custom DLLs on Alentus servers. By choosing to deploy custom DLLs, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

Note:  DLLs written to the .NET Framework specification can be run automatically from the /bin folder of your ASP.NET enabled website.

Custom DLL Deployment Guidelines

  • Your custom DLLs must be installable using regsvr32.exe. If the registration fails using regsvr32.exe, you will be notified by email and will need to re-work and re-submit the DLL to our Technical Support Department. MTS is not supported.
  • If a DLL is found to cause any problems on the server, it will be uninstalled by our personnel. Common problems include memory leaks, effecting 100% CPU utilization, ASP '0115' errors, InetInfo Process lockups, operating system lockups, and more. Please test your component extensively before submitting it to us for installation.
  • If your DLL is found to be using excessive amounts of the server resources, you will be notified by email. We reserve the right to uninstall, without warning or prior notification, any DLL that is found to be causing server lockups or using excessive server resources. Server resources include, but are not limited to, system memory, disk space, CPU time, and bandwidth.
  • No beta or evaluation versions. Alentus will not accept beta or evaluation versions of custom or third-party DLLs for installation on our production servers.

Setup Fees

There is a one-time, non-refundable setup fee of US$30.00 for our personnel to register each custom DLL. This fee includes one re-installation of the DLL (in the event you re-compile and require the component to be re-installed). Subsequent re-installs are $10.00 each.

Setup fees are in addition to regular monthly hosting fees, and must be paid prior to DLL installation.

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