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DotNetNuke Hosting & DotNetNuke Modules

What is DotNetNuke?

DotNetNuke is an open-source content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing portals. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform, and is easily installed and hosted with all of our Windows Hosting Plans.

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Why Choose Alentus for Your DotNetNuke Hosting?

Zealous Technical Support. At Alentus, we are keenly focused on providing our customers with a level of support for DotNetNuke that is unrivalled by our competitors. We are a member of the DotNetNuke Benefactor Program, are constantly testing new modules for compatibility and reliability and are committed to managing .NET hosting servers that fully conform to the DotNetNuke specifications and requirements.

Free One-Time DotNetNuke Installations. The key to making the most of DotNetNuke is to make sure the software is installed correctly from the beginning. Our technical staff are familiar with the inner workings of DotNetNuke, perform installations on a daily basis, and are available around the clock to assist customers. We offer free one-time DotNetNuke installations with all of our Windows Hosting Plans.

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DotNetNuke Feature List

DotNetNuke Feature List

  • Versatile DotNetNuke is a content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial web sites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing portals.
  • User-Friendly DotNetNuke is designed to make it easy for users to manage all aspects of their projects. Site wizards, help icons, and a well-researched user interface allow universal ease-of-operation.
  • Powerful DotNetNuke can support multiple portals or sites off of one install. In dividing administrative options between host level and individual portal level, DotNetNuke allows administrators to manage any number of sites – each with their own look and identity – all off one hosting account.
  • Feature-Rich DotNetNuke comes loaded with a set of built-in tools that provide powerful pieces of functionality. Site hosting, design, content, security, and membership options are easily managed and customized through these tools.
  • Supported DotNetNuke is supported by its Core Team of developers and a dedicated international community. Through user groups, online forums, resource portals and a network of companies who specialize in DNN, support is always close at hand.
  • Localized DotNetNuke includes a multi-language localization feature which allows administrators to easily translate their projects and portals into any language.
  • Open Source DotNetNuke is provided free, as open-source software, and licensed under a BSD-style agreement. It allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercially, with the simple requirement of giving credit back to the DotNetNuke project community.
  • Extensible DotNetNuke is able to create the most complex content management systems entirely with its built-in features, yet also allows administrators to work effectively with add-ons, third party assemblies, and custom tools. Site customization and functionality are limitless.
  • Recognized DotNetNuke is a trademarked name, and a brand widely recognized and respected in the open source community. With over 185,000 registered users and a talented team of developers, DotNetNuke continues to evolve its software through participation, real world trial, and end-user feedback.

Benefits of DotNetNuke

What are the Benefits of DotNetNuke?

Some benefits that the DotNetNuke content management system includes are greater site consistency, improved site navigation, streamlined authoring process, faster turnaround time for new pages and changes, increased site flexibility, support for decentralized authoring, increased security, reduced duplication of information, greater capacity for growth, and reduced site maintenance costs.

Easy Management with DotNetNuke

How Easy is DotNetNuke to Manage?

With DotNetNuke, you will find that it is quite easy to build and manage dynamic websites. You can perform nearly all of your DNN site building with a web browser and do not require any special development tools. To learn more and see a step-by-step guide to using DotNetNuke, please see our DotNetNuke Guided Tour.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Add-on Modules - As the DotNetNuke continues to grow, so to does the number of interesting and intelligent modules developed by members of the community. Third party offerings are "non-core" modules (and module enhancements) for DotNetNuke 3, provided for free or for purchase.
  • Guided Tour - See how easy it is to build dynamic websites with a little time and creativity.
  • Showcase Sites - A list of portal sites built with DotNetNuke.
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about DotNetNuke.

Ordering & Installing DotNetNuke

Ordering & Installing DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke supported with all our Windows Hosting Plans and can be installed one-time, free of charge to your website.

  • DotNetNuke for New Alentus Customers
    If you would like to start hosting a new DotNetNuke portal site, please complete our online order form and use the Comment Box at the bottom to request, "Include DotNetNuke". We will have your site and DotNetNuke portal software setup within one business day and will send you a Welcome Kit email with full instructions.
  • DotNetNuke for Existing Alentus Customers
    If you have a site hosted with us already, please contact our Sales Team and simply request the DNN portal software be installed to your site.

Important Note: Please be aware that a SQL Server database is needed with your account to support the DNN application software. If you do not have a SQL Server database and wish to have the DNN software installed, please choose from the available SQL Server database options.

DotNetNuke® is a registered trademark of Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems Inc.

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