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Get the Most From Microsoft Outlook

Alentus and Microsoft Office deliver breakthrough in productivity and network performance

Our Hosted Exchange Services, together with Microsoft Office Outlook, deliver breakthrough advances in worker productivity and network performance. Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Outlook are designed to work together to provide the richest feature set and the best performance, enabling knowledge workers to be productive whenever and wherever they choose to work. Mobile and remote workers can communicate and collaborate on the go, and coupled with the new user interface (UI) and security and support features, can communicate and collaborate more productively.

Free Copy of Outlook 2007

Each Alentus ExchangeMail account includes a free, licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007. Once you setup your ExchangeMail acccount, you will be able to download your free copy of Outlook 2007 from your hosted Exchange control panel.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Outlook Web Access is an integrated component of Exchange Server and fully supported with all Alentus Exchange Hosting Accounts. By using only a Web browser and an Internet or intranet connection, Outlook Web Access enables you to read your corporate e-mail messages, schedules, and other information that is stored on the Exchange Server. Everything between your desktop Outlook and Outlook Web Access in kept syncronized - messages, contacts, calendars, tasks and public folders. Read more about the powerful features of Outlook Web Access - the most powerful WebMail client available on the Internet today.

Increase Your Staff's Productivity

You can get your work done more quickly because Exchange Server and Outlook work together to deliver a full feature set that gives you consistently efficient access to personal business information independent of network characteristics. Mobile users find it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the information flowing into their office mailboxes from a variety of mobile devices.

Improvements in the way Exchange Server and Outlook work together dramatically increase the performance of Outlook over low or fluctuating bandwidth conditions. Checking your e-mail messages over a dial-up connection or low-bandwidth carrier network, such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or 1xRTT, feels much more like working in the office. By using the new Outlook 2007 UI, you can more easily and speedily optimize your e-mail.

Collaborate and Communicate More Efficiently

A powerful communication and scheduling program, Outlook 2007 offers new and enhanced functionality that improves your efficiency and makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues. This new functionality includes a completely redesigned UI so you can read your mail and manage your messages easier, a new local copy of the Outlook mailbox, and HTTP access from Outlook. HTTP access enables more secure access to Exchange Server on the Internet without the need for a virtual private network (VPN).

The new local copy of the mailbox offers users much faster access to their data and fantastic new opportunities in usability. Significant improvements in MAPI compression allow data to travel faster between Outlook clients and Exchange Server, reducing the number of round-trip communication attempts and bytes over the wire. Like the rest of the Microsoft Office System, Outlook 2007 helps you work smarter.

Outlook 2007 also includes new antispam features, and users can now upload their Safe and Blocked Sender Lists to Exchange Server, where server-level filtering can be executed.

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