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Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Hosting

Exchange Server, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server, is the No. 1 corporate messaging software. Exchange Server has quickly gained popularity among organizations of all sizes and includes a number of features not available in our free, regular POP3 email accounts.

Gain the Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

Access - Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device

With all mailbox data, including contacts, calendar and more, stored centrally on the Exchange Server, Exchange Account users can connect via a variety of devices to view their entire mailbox and seamlessly synchronize across platforms and devices. For example, your staff can use Microsoft Outlook 2003 while in the office, a Blackberry or Treo handheld while on the road, and Outlook Web Access from home or an Internet cafe - all without ever having to worry about synchronization of any e-mails, contacts, or appointments. Everything is kept in sync! No other email system can offer you this type of powerful coordination of your information.

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Collaboration and Information Sharing

The Exchange Server collaboration features help you to share information quickly and efficiently. Typical collaborative scenarios include maintaining shared address lists that everyone can view and edit, scheduling meetings that include people and conference rooms by viewing associated free or busy schedules, the ability to grant other people, such as administrators, access to your mailbox on your behalf. You can also manage "rules" for processing messages on Exchange Server, giving you the flexibility to create auto-responses and automatic filing of incoming messages.

Benefits of Outsourcing Exchange

As it has steadily gained in popularity, Microsoft has continuously added more features and functionality to deliver more value. As this has increased the complexity of the software, administrators find they have to spend more and more time maintaining internal systems, especially when installing upgrades and troubleshooting new features. This trend has resulted in more and more organizations looking to outsource their Exchange Server to companies that have the expertise and focus on maintaining Exchange Servers.

However, designing and building an Exchange Hosting platform is expensive and complicated. The Microsoft recommended solution for offering Exchange Hosting can easily cost more than $200,000 to build and maintain per year. And without a trained staff of Microsoft certified experts, Exchange Server can be unstable in large environments. Would you really want to take this risk with something as mission critical as e-mail?

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