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Managed Hosting Services

ServManage is the industry leading package of managed hosting services and software to maximize your Alentus Windows Server security, perfomance and reliability.

Alentus' unique software and services provide a comprehensive Component Program to give your dedicated Windows Server the highest levels of security, reliability and performance.

ServManage is the most complete package of managed Windows Server support services and software. Included is a standard set of features which are included with all Alentus Dedicated Hosting Windows 2003 & 2008 Servers, as well as optional services that can be added as required.

Windows Server 2008

System Configuration and Administration

Our dedicated server experts initially setup and configure each Alentus Windows server as a production web server. Each unit is setup under our detailed configuration process which include the Microsoft Security Checklist as well as our own stringent security lock-down procedures, followed by the most recent Microsoft Critical Updates, hot fixes and security patches.

Configuration services include:

  • Hard disk partitioning and testing
  • Operating System installation and configuration
  • User lock down
  • Permission lock down
  • Log file initialization
  • Utilities installation and testing
  • IIS and FTP configuration (web servers only)
  • Windows Critical Update scheduling (upon request)

For dedicated web servers Alentus personnel will also pre-configure your server to support one or more websites for immediate deployment. Our Dedicated Server Configuration Kit provides customers with detailed information on the set up of new websites, users, FTP access and more on their server.

Custom Configurations

While we recommend our proven and reliable operating system and partitioning configurations, we do allow customers to request custom configurations. If you wish to discuss a custom configuration, please contact our Dedicated Hosting Solutions Experts to discuss your requirements.

Windows Critical Updates

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft has provided the entire Windows Update technology, and we operate our own customized Windows Critical Update service. This service removes the uncertainty of going to Microsoft and choosing updates, as our own service downloads all updates on a nightly basis and our technical personnel evaluate each update before making it available to subscribed Windows servers on our network.

Our Windows Critical Update service is an automated process that ensures your server is kept up-to-date with the latest level of server security and reliability. The Update Service is included free with all dedicated Windows servers and customers are encouraged to subscribe their server to this service. However, you are free to opt-out of this service and perform your own server updates.

Service Pack Notes: Please be aware that we do not automatically install major Windows Service Packs, as doing so may have a negative impact on the operation of a server and/or applications running on the server. We evaluate all major Windows Service Packs in a controlled test-bed environment and give the option to customers to install or have the Service Pack installed to their server.

Server and Network Monitoring

To monitor the performance and usage details of your server's Internet traffic activity, each Alentus Dedicated Hosting customer is provided with their own private, password protected website. The data from the MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is queried and updated in 5 minute intervals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ServManage Notification System

All dedicated servers are enabled to support the ServManage Notification System (SMS), which provides 24x7 monitoring services for your server. Our SMS supports email, text messaging and cell phone alerts and immediately notifies our technical personnel of connectivity problems with your server.

Website Traffic Reports and Analysis

Urchin Website Statistics is our easy-to-use and affordable web traffic analysis service that allows you to monitor your web site traffic through your website logs. Providing detailed information on your visitors, from location to browser information to click paths, you can use this information to improve the design and efficiency of your web site. For more information, please visit our page on Urchin Web Stats.

Dedicated Firewall Services

To protect your data and web applications from unauthorized intruders, all Alentus dedicated servers are placed behind a fortified, UNIX-based, Alentus-managed firewall. Firewall rules are set, managed and reviewed on a regular basis by Alentus personnel, which helps to ensure any new firewall loopholes cannot be compromised. You also have the option of enabling the software firewall services provided with Windows Server, which add an additional layer of firewall protection to your server.

DNS Services

Alentus provides each Alentus dedicated hosting customer with multiple DNS entries on Alentus' primary and secondary DNS servers. This allows you to run multiple websites on a single dedicated web server, without the necessity of operating and managing your own DNS servers.

Email Services

Each Alentus dedicated hosting customer is provided with multiple POP3 email accounts on Alentus' rock-solid POP3 email servers. You can fully manage all of your email services via a web browser with our Email Admin Console, providing you with a worry and hassle free means of delivering email messaging for your users.

Microsoft Exchange Server. We also offer competitive monthly pricing for Shared Hosting of Exchange Server 2003 and 2007. Please contact our Server Solutions Experts for further information.


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