Alberta SuperNet

Wolfpaw enables Alberta SuperNet users the ability to share information, deliver a variety of Internet services and communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers.

With a world class data center located in downtown Edmonton, Wolfpaw is one the largest private bandwidth consumers in the province and we provide a range of web hosting and Internet services to thousands of customers on the Alberta SuperNet, within the province of Alberta, and around the world.

Wolfpaw Data Centres Inc. – Your Alberta SuperNet Business Partner

Wolfpaw offers a wide range of Internet services that can be used by Alberta SuperNet users to host websites, databases, email services, business application servers, video streaming applications, specialized website portals, data backup services, ecommerce applications, live meetings, customer service applications and more.

Choosing Wolfpaw as your SuperNet Business Partner gives you a trusted, proven and reliable company you can work with, count on, and easily contact and visit. We are happy to offer tours of our data center hosting facilities and are always willing to sit down and discuss your specific SuperNet business objectives.

From our state-of-the-art data center in downtown Edmonton, we have been hosting co-located servers, racks, websites, Internet applications and dedicated servers for Alberta businesses and organizations for decades.


Gain the Alentus SuperNet Advantage:

  • Proven and Reliable. From small Alberta companies to some of the world’s largest organizations, we are relied upon day in and day out to provide millions of users with servers that work, email that gets delivered, and network connectivity that never fails. We offer Alberta SuperNet users a complete and proven suite of Internet services including:
  • Customer Support. With a solid track record, our web hosting services have set the industry standard in reliability, customer satisfaction and award-winning technical support. We offer are able to offer Alberta SuperNet users 24 x 7 x 365 network and server support and toll-free telephone support from anywhere in Alberta. Our Technical Staff can be reached by telephone during any business day and via email, Alentus MyAccount or Priority Technical Support telephone numbers at all other times.
  • Unparalled Network Connectivity. With a state-of-the-art data center located in downtown Edmonton, Alentus is able to offer Alberta SuperNet uers high-availablity server hosting, superior performance and network uptime guarantees. Unlike many web hosts and ISPs, we do not rely on a single backbone carrier. Our network is engineered for redundancy with multiple transit circuits with major carriers, including Telus, Shaw, Hurricane Electric and Zayo. We utilize a high-availability Juniper multi-homed routing architecture and our peering arrangements with our upstream carriers ensure that no connection is over utilized and we can increase circuit capacities in very short order.
  • Network Monitoring and Alert Notification. We maintain an aggressive monitoring and alert notification system that tells us immediately of any trouble with our connections and/or the servers connected to the Alberta SuperNet and other networks. We also run traffic monitoring systems to give us on-going statistics of all network activity.
  • Security Features. Our highly secure infrastructure includes multiple firewalls, video surveillance, motion detectors, reinforced door locks, building security guard and other physical security features.
  • Power Management, HVAC and Backup. Our servers will not shut down on power failure due to our sophisticated power management system that includes multiple power grid access points, UPSs, natural gas generator, and automatic transfer switch. We have the ability to operate indefinitely during a power failure. Our Data Center air conditioning units are also powered by our backup power system.

Opportunities on the Alberta SuperNet

The Alberta SuperNet is a high-speed, high-capacity broadband network linking government offices, schools, health-care facilities and libraries. It is a pathway that lets government, educators and health care workers share and deliver information and services province-wide, and faster than ever before.

E-Business: High-Speed Opportunities. Alberta SuperNet will establish an exciting environment for telecommunication and high-speed application business opportunities throughout the province.

At the same time, access to the high-speed, broadband capabilities of Alberta SuperNet will provide many rural Alberta businesses with the opportunity to expand their marketing, service and production horizons. Capitalizing on e-business opportunities will mean that businesses located hundreds of kilometres from the nearest large city will be competing directly and fairly with their big-city counterparts, benefitting from improved abilities to market products and services, research and communicate efficiently with suppliers and clients.

Building a Web Presence. Building a web presence (not just a web site) is becoming essential to business success, regardless of the size of business. In fact, small- and medium-size businesses often stand to benefit the most from strengthening their e-commerce efforts.

This means more than just having a web site for your business. It means using the power of the Internet to reach new customers, suppliers and employees you couldn’t otherwise reach. High-speed applications – such as videoconferencing, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and data services, including backup services, distributed databases, office and financial applications – will help businesses function more efficiently and profitably, from anywhere in the province.

Web Services. A developing area of e-business is Web services, an emerging set of technologies that let computer programs talk to one another over the Internet, bridging incompatibilities between hardware platforms, software languages and operating systems. Web services will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to create on-line links with partners, suppliers and customers. While making existing e-business applications more useful, thousands of applications for Web services are under development.

Urban Business Benefits. Although SuperNet is primarily a rural Alberta community initiative, urban-based Alberta businesses will also benefit. With Alberta SuperNet bringing high-speed access to hundreds of rural Alberta communities, urban businesses can now market their products and services online to new rural markets.

About the SuperNet

The Alberta Supernet is a high speed backbone connecting several hubs in the Canadian province of Alberta. Government institutions such as schools, libraries, and hospitals are supposed to get free access however private companies can set up services to provide access to the backbone to the general public.

At Alentus, our focus is to differentiate ourselves from the big guys by providing quality hosting and support services affordable to all clients and their business needs. Although our techs are Canadian, we do pride ourselves on being able to respond to client inquiries as soon as possible! This means there is no 20 minute hold time and our techs are highly skilled technicians. No more “turn it off turn it back on again” run-around support. Alentus technicians are experienced and can customize your support needs to fit you and your companies needs rather than trying to fit you into a certain client box of what we expect to see. This allows Alentus to give you the smoothest experience possible when dealing with technical issues.