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Policies and Procedures

Security Policy

Confidential information held by Alentus is stored on secure administration servers that we own and operate, without the reliance on third party companies. Our administrative servers are not connected directly to the public internet and we employ various security procedures to ensure that information on our systems cannot be obtained by unauthorized persons.

Although no system can ever be considered impervious, we believe that our security policies are second to none. For obvious reasons, we will not divulge the details of our security here, however we can say that we routinely employ firewalls, encryption, passwords and other policies and procedures to ensure the security of our data as well as our customer's data.

We carefully guard credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information. Information of this nature that is gathered through our secure webserver is immediately transferred to one of our administrative servers. We do not store highly sensitive information such as credit card numbers on any computers that can be accessed by the public.

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