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Policies and Procedures

Payment Policy

New Customers. To set up a new service with Alentus, customers are required to make an initial quarterly, semi-annually, or annual payment, along with any applicable set up fees. New accounts will not be set up until payment has been received and processed by our Accounting Department. Alentus accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as a means of payment by credit card. Other forms of payment such as purchase orders, wire transfers or checks may also be accepted.

Contract Renewals. Contracts for services provided by Alentus, including all website hosting plans, database hosting plans, optional services and dedicated servers are automatically renewed at the renewal date unless we have been otherwise notified.

Existing Customers. Customers in good standing may order new hosting services at any time without an initial payment. Normally we will bill for new services once they have been setup and are available for use. If requested, we can adjust the billing periods for new services to match the billing period of any existing services you may have.

Statements. We provide full statements to our customers. Our statements show domain names, billing periods, amounts charged, amounts paid, useful descriptions and other important information. Accounts carrying a balance forward will be issued a statement every thirty days until full payment is made. Statements issued to customers paying by credit card will show type of card used to make the payment. We do not print credit card numbers on our statements.

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